Monday, 6 March 2017

At Work

Evidence of man's activities on a site allegedly reserved for nature can be a mixed blessing. Here it is usually unwelcome.

Bridleways inevitably suffer after typical winter conditions and especially if mountain bikers are allowed, or  encouraged, to use them. Not much fun for other users.

Close by is a sign commemorating the centenary of the Cyclists Touring Club 1878-1978.

The pioneers of the CTC would have been astonished, probably shocked, by the activities of some on two wheels today. They themselves, of course, would not have been cycling on this bridleway but on the hard surface of Hathersage Road itself, just a few yards away.

On Saturday SWT with the help of those they choose to call their volunteers set to work to make a difference having seen the problem.

This is impressive.

As is the attempt made to hide away the evidence of tree destruction by dragging debris into the attractive woodland nearby. All goes under the heading of habitat restoration, no doubt.

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